Are Micro-Schools Actually Legal?

Hi there. Its Mara Linaberger again, author of the micro-school builders.

This is the next video in our series that tackles your questions about building micro schools.

Today’s comes from the second step on the nine-step guide that most micro- school builders and all of my clients follow.

So the question is: Are micro schools actually legal?

As you might imagine this is a question that must be answered on a case-by-case basis. The last time we talked about micro- schools as a term that’s being used to define a new breed of small personalized schools. Some of them operate as official schools while others use a more creative tutoring or homeschool stance.

To figure out if they are legally possible in your area requires that you take a look at the state, regional, or national school code to determine the requirements for the area where you will be building your school. But most micro-schools do operate in one of three ways. Either as an approved private school, as a tutoring center, or as a more full-blown homeschooling cooperative.

To find out what stance you might want to take I suggest that you do these three things:

#1: do an online search for your State Department of Education’s website and then locate the legal school code requirements. If you live outside the United States those might be found on a provincial or government website.

#2 : look for the regulations regarding who can provide education to children, how that education takes place, and whether or not the educators must be trained and certified teachers.

#3: look at the regulations regarding private tutoring and homeschooling. Once you’ve figured out what the law says that you can and cannot do you’ll also want to research any applications that you might need to submit in order to operate in one of those three stances.

If you’d like to know more about micro-schools and how to build one of your own I invite you click here to grab your FREE copy of the 9 step guide. And watch the training videos that come along with it too.

I hope that this video today has helped clarify your questions about how a micro-school operate under the letter of the law. And I really hope that you’ll choose to become part of the movement to remake education through the creation of micro -schools around the globe. Until next time, have a great day!

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