Are you ready to build a vibrant microschool community?

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Are you ready to build a vibrant microschool community?

If you're like so many of our school building clients, then you’re on a mission to create a nurturing and vibrant microschool community. Finding the first ten families (we call them your “founding families”) who share your vision and values is a crucial step in the exciting journey of launching a microschool. In this blog post, we'll explore effective ways to make this happen and create an environment where students can truly grow and thrive. 

Finding Your First Ten Families

Finding those first ten foundational families is so essential. These families will not only provide your initial students, but will also be your cheerleaders, recruiters, and partners in building a thriving microschool community. While the number ten is actually arbitrary, you do need to create a core group of founding families to help you make your microschool vision a reality.

Attend Local Parenting Groups and Events: 

One effective way to connect with your potential ideal families is to attend local parenting groups and educational events. These gatherings often attract parents who are deeply invested in their children's education. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for creating a unique learning environment. Look online or on social media for weekend parenting classes or events, check out meetups in your area, or attend local holiday or themed events in your surrounding area for ideas.

Leverage Social Media:

In this digital age, creating a strong online presence can't be overlooked. Establish a social media presence for your microschool using the channels that your ideal parents use, and share content that resonates with families who value personalized education. Engage in conversations and discussions related to alternative education to attract interested parents. Remember, social media is supposed to be social - so be sure to respond to questions and comments quickly and in the most positive way you can!

Host Information Sessions: 

Consider organizing information sessions about your microschool. These sessions can serve as a platform to introduce your vision, answer questions, and address any concerns potential families might have. It's an opportunity to create a personal connection and showcase your commitment to their children's education. These can happen in your space, a local establishment, or even online (if that’s the way that suits most families needs).

Collaborate with Local Businesses: 

Forge partnerships with local businesses and community centers. Hosting events or workshops in their spaces not only exposes your microschool to a broader audience but also strengthens your community ties. Collaborations can be a win-win for everyone involved. We’ve had a number of successful school building clients begin to offer their programming on “multiple campuses” as a result of this kind of partnership!

Build a Network of Influencers: 

Identify local influencers or community leaders who share your educational values. They might be business owners, town council members, or your church pastor. Connect with them and explore opportunities for collaboration. These influencers can help spread the word about your microschool and introduce you to a wider audience.

Engage in Outdoor Activities: 

If you believe in getting kids moving and spending more time outdoors, organize nature outings, outdoor playdates, or nature-based learning experiences. These activities can attract families who share your philosophy and values regarding the benefits of outdoor education. Start with the things that you want to do with your kids, and expand the activity to involve others. Don’t be afraid to charge a small fee for attending to cover your costs. The kind of folks who will pay for an event are the kind of families you want to enroll in your microschool - people who value your work and are willing to pay for it!

Create an Engaging Website: 

Your microschool's online presence is your digital front door. Create an engaging website that showcases your vision, values, and the unique experience you offer. But parents won’t find it without some work on your part. Be sure to share a link to it any time you meet prospective families (use a business card, a QR code on a brochure, or through some inexpensive gift items that have the link). Optimize the site for search engines to make it easier for interested parents to find you online. And don’t forget to use real pictures of real students. Parents will see their child reflected in happy smiling faces of real students more than they will with stock photos.

Tap into Local Homeschooling Communities: 

Homeschooling families often have a strong desire for more personalized educational options. Attend homeschooling meetups or connect with homeschooling parents in your area. They may be interested in the structure and support your microschool provides, especially if they have high school students, are lacking in some particular content that families want, or involve busy working parents with little time to collaborate and provide content. Your best client may often be a family who wants to homeschool, is trying to make it work, but would rather pay someone to do the instruction for them!

Collaborate with Preschools and Daycares: 

Explore collaborations with local preschools and daycares. Offer workshops or informational sessions to introduce parents to your microschool. Some families seeking a more personalized and nurturing educational environment may find your microschool to be the perfect fit. Especially if the child care is student centered and has created an independent, free-thinking child who may struggle with the demands of a traditional public school classroom.

Utilize Word of Mouth: 

Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth. Encourage your current network of supporters, friends, and family to spread the word about your microschool. Personal recommendations often carry a lot of weight in the decision-making process for parents.


Finding your first ten foundational  families is an exciting and essential step in your microschool journey. As you embark on this adventure, remember to be proactive, patient, and persistent. Building a vibrant microschool community takes time, but the results are incredibly rewarding.

Are you ready to take the next step in building your microschool community? Join one of our Microschool Builders Communities to connect with like-minded parents and receive expert guidance on your journey. Together, we'll turn your microschool dream into a vibrant reality! 

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    I am ready to start my own micro school.

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      Wonderful! The quickest way to do that, and to have our expert help, is to purchase the WORKSHOP. You can find that under PROGRAMS in the menu at the top of the website!

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