Circadian Rise Podcast

Tamika Francois obtained a masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Hofstra University. She has worked in various educational institutions from elementary to high school. She enjoys reading, bullet journaling, writing postcards, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.  She made a decision to start a microschool to meet the needs of children like her own daughter who thrives in settings with later start times. This was the impetus for her research on the nature of circadian rhythms and how being aligned with your circadian rhythms benefits the child’s overall learning experience.


Circadian Rise Podcast provides valuable insights, practical tips, and evidence-based information on the benefits of a balanced circadian rhythm to families, fellow microschoolers and microschool owners.
Circadian rhythms are closely linked to our daily routines, habits, and lifestyle choices. By understanding how circadian rhythms influence our behaviors, such as sleep-wake cycles, eating patterns, and exposure to light, families can make informed decisions about lifestyle choices. Circadian Rise Podcast offers practical advice on how to establish healthy sleep habits, create optimal daily routines, and make lifestyle changes that align with their body’s natural rhythms.
Circadian Rise is a microschool experience that optimizes your child’s capacity to thrive in a nurturing learning environment that is in sync with their body’s internal clock.

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