From Transparency to Celebration: Effective Communication with Parents

One of the many perks of owning and running a microschool is the community feel. We have a very special and unique opportunity to cultivate and communicate with a tight family dynamic among students and families. 

To ensure that the students’ education is communicated effectively it is imperative to stay in touch with parents. We must constantly reassure them about their student’s educational progress in the microschool. 

One of the first ways is to be transparent and keep parents informed about academic and behavioral progress and concerns. Begin with attainable and clear expectations at the beginning of the school year and outline how communication will be shared throughout the year. 

We are definitely in the years of multiple channels of communication forms such as; email, text messages, and newsletters. Let us not forget the basic method of face-to-face communication through drop off and pick up, or parent-teacher conferences. Whatever form you choose for your microschool, let it be run consistently. Choose a frequency that is both manageable and realistic for you. 

Lastly, do not forget to share the good news and celebrate successes. Celebrating the achievements of individual students, classes, or the school as a whole can boost both staff and family morale. All in all, never be too professional that you forget to encourage or ask for feedback on the communication plan and incorporate their suggestions for improvement.

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