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Your school, your vision,
our shared expedition.

Are you a visionary microschool owner navigating the path of microschool operations alone?

Are you seeking resources, community, and the roadmap to not just survive but thrive?

At Microschool Builders, we understand the isolation that often accompanies the creation of an independent, bespoke microschool. Your school can operate independently, but it doesn't have to feel lonely.

Ove the years as we've continued to support school owners, we have created community for school owners just like you. We've pioneered online meetings, gatherings, summits and retreats that create a sense of belonging, transforming founder's isolation into a global network of fellow pioneers.

We've listened closely to that community, gathering and curating a wealth of resources, and opportunities to enhance your microschool’s journey.

We invite you to step into a realm where collaboration is not just encouraged but celebrated, where shared wisdom becomes the cornerstone of your success. We've redefined the definition of what a "school district" is to create a community that understands your journey - because it's crafted and led by school founders who have walked the path.

The motto we hold for our member schools is:

Your school, your vision, our shared expedition.

What are celebrated schools
and centers of excellence?

Welcome microschool founders...

We are building programming and resources for bespoke, independent microschools - just like yours.  To begin, we take our member schools through the CELEBRATED SCHOOLS process.  Rather than an external evaluation of your school, based primarily upon student achievement, we work with you as you grow. We help you to build in the kinds of practices and processes that will make your parents into raving fans.  We spend time with you, both online and in person at your site.  As critical friends, we share our best ideas to help you grow your school from BRONZE, to SILVER, and then to GOLD level status.

Once you achive the GOLD level of operation, we invite you to become a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, collaborating with other school owners in powerful and innovative ways.  We make your school part of our programming, bringing early stage founders to visit, learn and collaborate with you. And we help you to generate additional revenue for your school as part of that process.

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the programs, and the criteria our member schools have put into place for becoming part of the process!



Our answer to schools who want something other than a traditional acredidation process, or to go without a formal acknowledgement of what makes their school amazing - the kind of thing parents want to see to feel certain your school is the right choice for their child.


Have you ever wanted to visit an exceptional microschool?  Have you visited a school for ideas, but then wished you could connect with the owner as you implemented ideas in your own school?  Our centers of excellence are your dream come true!