Individual Journey to and Through Microschool Builders

I came into teaching to change the world, don’t we all? No but for real, my journey to becoming an educator was very rough. Not because of the college class work or the difficult balance of work and a degree but the state testing that has capped and stopped so many from becoming educators today. Even now there is such a shortage that the requirements have been lowered just to fill the need. I was determined to not let a state test mandate my purpose or passion. You might judge and wonder why it was so difficult to pass. I have never been a good cumulative test taker, I shine in manners in which I can display my skills set in real time and real life. But I digress, I did not just become a teacher I fought hard to stay a teacher.

When I entered the field I was open to change and excited to share my light and love of children with everyone. It was natural for me to fill the gaps and assist both my students and their families both in and outside of the school setting. However I was oftentimes faced with so much adversity and resistance. Not by the students, who are not exempt but are a product of their environment, but by other staff members and administration. I quickly learned that the system in place that I fought so hard to become a part of was not truly intended to help all, but really passing along all. I believe that the traditional education system often fails to meet the individual needs of both students and teachers.This revelation after giving my all for 7 years prompted me to look for a change.

I did not make this decision to leave the classroom overnight. And please take note that I did not say leave education, because I am and forever will be an educator. This choice was made with years and years of internal work through personal reflection, a supportive group of friends/family, and career coaching. The combination of all brought me to micro school builders in the summer of 2022. I began my life long journey as a part of their workshop model that walked you through the truths behind owning a microschool, not the fluff. It was coupled with weekly accountability calls and constant check-ins. I cannot imagine doing this work or beginning this journey alone or without the microschool builders community by my side. One of the many best choices I have ever made. 

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