how do you transform your vision into a thriving microschool?


what if you could craft your plan of action in just two hours?

Introducing the Microschool Builders Intensive

Our premier two-hour process helps you map out the launch the microschool of your dreams in just two hours, which will then allow you to launch quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing your salary or sanity!

Are you a teacher with a vision amazing idea for building your own school but are not sure what to do with all of the ideas rolling round in your head? Do you feel like your actions are scattered, or worse yet, ineffective?

Our Microschool Builders INTENSIVE is designed to help you sort out and organize all of your ideas, then allowing you to focus on:

  • Securing your starting location
  • Recruiting your foundational families
  • And launching your school in record time!

Microschool Builders is here to help you with every step of the school-building journey, and our Microschool Builders INTENSIVE  is a easy and affordable way to kickstart that process.

Sure, you could probably figure this all out yourself...

but do you really know what you need to DO in order to get your school opened quickly?  What if you could use your limited time more efficiently—to work on just the things you need to do to get your school open fast and profitibly?

The Microschool Builder’s INTENSIVE will make what little time you have far more efficient by allowing you to working directly on just the things you need to do to launch your school in less than a year!

We’ve already helped many teachers just like you to organize and prioritize their ideas so that they could launch quickly and effectively.


Amy Marotz
Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collective


Cam Werley-Gonzales
Cambria Institute

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 10.43.07 AM

Tracy Ziomek
Sloyd & Croft

mandy spiczka

Mandy Spiczka
SHINE Together


Eric Eisenbrey
Eyes & Brains STEM Center


Lara DeRoule
Dynamic Microschool @ Superstition Farm

Who is our Microschool Builder’s INTENSIVE good for?

  • Founders who have lots of ideas for opening a school but aren’t sure how to put them into action
  • Parents who have found a prime location for their school but don’t know how to attract students
  • Teachers who have families begging them to open a school but lack the supports to make it happen
  • Or anyone who just wants to get their building process off to a great start by getting expert guidance on what to do and when to do it!

But most aspiring microschool builders never end up launching their vision of a microschool. Why? Well, the reasons include:

  1. They haven’t determined a real need and the value they’ll provide in the community they’ll serve.
  2. They haven’t identified their ideal student and how to market to that child's family in ways that ensure enrollments.
  3. And they haven’t mapped out a clear plan of action to get everything done in a quick, cost effective, and efficient manner.

And that’s where Microschool Builders can help. The Microschool Builders INTENSIVE is designed to eliminate all of those barriers to getting your microschool off the ground in the next year!

What’s included in your Microschool Builder’s Intensive?

We've created a two-hour process to help you to map out all of the elements listed below. Sold separately, the value of each step of the process bundled together is worth a thousand dollars!

We know that money is tight for everyone right know. And while you are in start-up mode, and we know how critically important it is to get the right guidance from the beginning to ensure you start off strong.  So we’ve packaged all nine steps for  $750 —that’s 25% off the total value of the Microschool Builders INTENSIVE!

AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS: We'll follow up your learning with a complimentary 30-minute call to review your work and offer additional guidance!

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