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WE ARE microschool builders


At Microschool Builders, our collective journey is like a bespoke puzzle,  crafted by educators and passionate visionaries who are a lot like you. We understand the profound impact that innovative education can have, and we're not just telling a story—we're living it.



Our paths converged, driven by a shared belief in the power of education to shape a brighter future. Let's walk through the chapters of our story together.

MARA: As an educator, my journey with microschool building is a tale of transformation. It's a symphony of voices, including mine, Amy Marotz's, and Tracy Ziomek's. Together, we have created a growing global community where aspiring microschool founders find guidance, support and friendship.

AMY: I'm Amy Marotz, founder of Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collective in Stillwater, Minnesota. My passion for education pushed me to take the leap, to step outside the confines of traditional teaching, and embrace a model that empowers students to learn, explore, and grow at their own pace. I also proudly serve as the Vice President at Microschool Builders, extending my commitment to revolutionizing education.

TRACY: And I'm Tracy Ziomek, founder of Sloyd & Croft in Rio Medina, Texas. I've embarked on my microschool adventure, driven by a commitment to personalized learning and the belief that every child deserves an education tailored to their unique strengths. Alongside my microschool journey, I also serve as the Director of Curriculum and Assessment at Microschool Builders, shaping the transformative educational experiences we offer.



MARA: My journey began as a K-5 teacher in one of my hometown's magnet schools, where I served a diverse set of learners from various backgrounds. Witnessing the transformative power of education, I felt the urge to do more as an administrator. As the educational landscape shifted with rising testing and assessments, I found myself questioning the system and seeking alternatives. I pursued graduate studies in instructional technology, trained teachers, wrote grants, and even earned my superintendent's letter of eligibility. Yet, a job loss led me to deeply question my path.

AMY: Our paths converged at the crossroads of innovation. I felt the dissonance between traditional teaching methods and the genuine joy of learning. Embracing the microschool model allowed me to honor students as individuals, cultivating a space where they thrive while embracing their unique passions.

TRACY: My journey brought me from homeschooling my children around the world as active military, to the dynamic world of microschools. As a microschool founder, I am passionate about crafting an environment that celebrates curiosity, creativity, and individual growth. My role at Microschool Builders extends my reach to educators across the globe, helping them navigate their microschool journey.



MARA: Through the trials and triumphs of our individual stories, we've come to realize that the most powerful change happens when we unite. Our community extends beyond our team to include you—educators, parents, and visionaries who share our dream of a new era of education.

AMY: If you are ready to challenge conventions, to step into the world of microschools, we invite you to join our vibrant community. Let's transform education together, creating spaces where students flourish, teachers thrive, and true learning comes to life.

TRACY: The microschool movement is not just about building schools—it's about building a brighter future where only your dreams and vision are the limit to what is possible. We've each crafted a personal path, navigated the challenges, and have stood together in the face of uncertainty. Now, we extend our hand to help you begin the journey that is uniquely yours.



If your heart beats for change, if you're drawn to reimagine education, we want to connect with you. Reach out to us, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.


As a parent, your child's education is paramount. If you find yourself facing the distressing reality of your child disliking school, "HELP! My Child Hates School" is your guiding light. Authored by Dr. Mara Linaberger, founder of Microschool Builders, this book unravels the complexities behind your child's feelings and equips you with actionable solutions.

Discover how to identify the root causes of your child's reluctance and resistance towards traditional education. Gain insights into alternative approaches that foster a love for learning. From the classroom to the microschool model, this book offers a pathway to rekindling your child's joy for education.


Were you just Googling this: “Help! My child hates school”? Is your child depressed, unmotivated, resentful, or angry when it’s time to go to school each morning?

Does your child come home from school and share stories of being bullied, made fun of, or just plain feeling unheard or misunderstood? Does your child possess unusual talents that go unrecognized or unused at school―or, worse, is he or she seen as strange, weird, or abnormal by teachers or peers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or your child just plain hates to go to school, help has arrived. Dr. Mara Linaberger tackles the real issues behind why your kid hates school and uncovers ways to turn the situation around, allowing you to craft a plan to get your child out of misery and back to thriving.

Help! My Child Hates School is dedicated to frustrated parents everywhere who are serious about their child’s happiness and are ready to take action.

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Imagine creating a learning environment where each student is celebrated for their uniqueness, where passion projects drive discovery, and where learning becomes an adventure. "The Micro-school Builder's Handbook" is your key to turning this dream into a reality. Let it be your companion as you embark on a journey that not only transforms your child's education but also enriches your entire community.


The Micro-School Builder’s Handbook is dedicated to anyone who dreams of creating new spaces for children to thrive while learning. Your guide for the journey is Dr. Mara Linaberger, a best-selling author and educational innovator who spent over 20 years in K-12 education, then pivoted five years ago to help grow the global micro-schools movement!

In this book you will:

  • Determine your personal why
  • Transform your gifts into your “special sauce”
  • Select the best model for your community
  • Craft an action plan to attract families
  • Address common questions and eliminate fears
  • Take definitive steps to open your micro-school

Join an elite group of micro-school builders who are recreating education one small school at a time!

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