we've assembled an amazing team!

It takes a community to build a school, so Microschool Builders has been a collaboration from the start. From the vision, to the plan, to the book, to the LLC, many amazing consultants, educators, and families have been part of the creation of our microschool building enterprise. And we've been fortunate to cultivate our leadership team from within our ranks of successful microschool owners!



Mara Linaberger

Founder & President, Microschool Builders, LLC

Dr. Mara Linaberger believes that each of us has chosen to be here at this moment in time for a specific reason—that we are each on a mission that we chose for ourselves. And that figuring out what we love, what we’re good at, and how we can be of service is the engine we need to fuel a lifetime of joyful learning. Mara also believes that school often slows down or stifles that excitement for students. So she is on a mission to create a global network of 100 microschools in the next 20 years—to harness education toward helping amazing children to develop their highest potentials while making learning fun again!

Mara is a life-long educator, author, technologist, artist, ballroom dancer, and musician, having spent 25 years in service as a public school educator, teacher trainer, and administrator. Completing a doctorate in Instructional Technology, she went on to earn a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility in Pennsylvania. Launching Mindful Technology Consultants in 2013, she continues to train teachers at the masters level on the use of digital portfolios as alternative assessments and on bringing mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Mara is the international two-time best selling author of HELP! My Child Hates School and The Micro-School Builder’s Handbook. Mara currently lives in Harmony, PA, with her husband Michael while she travels far and wide, directly supporting clients in her global Microschool Builders programs.

Amy marotz

Our Vice President (& Microschools Specialist)
and Founder & Director @ Awakening Spirit School

Amy Marotz helps highly sensitive students to reawaken their love of learning in just three months. Moving into its fourth year of operation, Amy’s microschool expanded to a farm space in fall 2020 to offer students more opportunities for self-directed, experiential, outdoor learning.

Amy graduated with honors from St. Olaf College in 2002 with a double major in English and Studio Art and obtained a teaching certification and a Masters of Education from Bethel University in 2004.  Her formative teaching years were spent instructing 5th-8th grade English at Minneapolis Academy (a college prep school for predominantly low income families) for three years. During these summers she taught Art for K-5th grades with the St. Paul Academy summer art program.

When it came time to send her daughter to first grade, Amy knew she could provide exactly the environment that Alex needed to thrive.  Amy jumped into homeschooling head-first and never looked back.   In 2017, as a direct response to requests from her network marketing and entrepreneur family and friends, she decided it was time to start a new chapter and welcome more students into the fold.  She is an officially recognized nonpublic (private) school in the state of Minnesota. When Amy expanded to a stand-alone farm school location, she also welcomed three new staff members!
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LEAH RObinson

Our Non-profit Partner 
and Vice President @ Good Knight Child Empowerment Network

Leah Robinson’s educational background is in law and education. She has volunteered with the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network (a 501c3 non-profit charity in Beltsville, MD) for over 30 years. She has also worked with other local non-profit organizations, taught in the Maryland public schools, and taught English Language Arts overseas in the Yuzyil Isil High School in Istanbul. She is a founding member of the Batala Washington percussion band and has played with them since 2007. Leah's responsibilities at the charity have varied from being a United Way liaison, grantwriter, media outreach coordinator, program presenter and camp counselor.


Tracy Ziomek

OUR Microschools Specialist
and Founder & Director @ Sloyd & Croft

Tracy Ziomek is the brains behind Sloyd & Croft, an American Slojd School. As a military spouse, Tracy raised her four biological children in places and spaces all across the globe. From schools on bases, to local schools, private schools and homeschool/unschool adventures, her children have developed into caring, clever and one-of-a-kind adults. Tracy build Sloyd & Croft for them, to allow them to inspire and train the next generation of craftspeople.


Her unique setting allows students of all ages to experience deep learning through the building of boats, forging of metal pieces, gardening, stained glass, and more.