Module 0: Intro to WORKSHOP

Welcome to Module 1

This module will clarify your ideas about "school", identify your ideal student and clarify your micro-school's potential target market.

Once you've downloaded the companion PDF worksheets for Module 1, please work through the activities at your own pace.

  1. Write on the worksheets themselves, then snap pics of your work and post them in the comments below
  2. Write up your thoughts in a Word or Google document so that you have access to the ‘copy’ you create as you work your way through the program.

Download the Handout

M1 Market Research Recipe (PDF)

Download the Handout

Example Market Research (XLS)

Questions to Answer:

  1. Your notes or spreadsheet on the potential "competition" within a 25 mi. radius (average- adapt to your own urban or rural area as need be) of your proposed school location (THIS IS CRITICAL TO HELPING US IDENTIFY YOUR NICHE MARKET - PLEASE DON'T SKIP THIS STEP) - use a spreadsheet (like the one in the example ) if you like, or create something of your own and upload it
  2. Your "Ideal Student" profile (VERY IMPORTANT TO BUILDING BRAND)
  3. Your "Ideal Family" profile (VERY USEFUL TO BUILDING BRAND)
  4. The common themes you found around
    • what's working,
    • what's not working, and
    • what your dream school would look like