MicroSchool Builders

Changing the face of education
one small school at a time

Micro School Builders Mara Linaberger

MicroSchool Builders

Changing the face of education
one small school at a time

What is a MicroSchool?

Welcome Teachers, Parents, Students, and ASPIRING Microschool Builders!

If you’ve ever thought that…

  • kids spend way too much time at a desk
  • teachers are underpaid and overworked
  • learning should be more like play and less like a job
  • the big system of education is broken beyond repair
  • that you could do it better yourself…

Then you are in the RIGHT place!

First, learn more about microschools by downloading:


What does it take to open your dream school? The 9-step guide offers you path that most school builders (and all of our clients) use to turn their vision into a reality—often in less than a year—without sacrificing their salary or sanity!


Not quite sure if owning a small school is really right for you? Take this short quiz to find out whether you’ve got what it takes to build the microschool of your dreams!


Are you hungry to know more about building a microschool? Then grab a copy of the book that describes the steps you’ll need to take, from start to finish.  And learn about some of the common pitfalls and screw-ups many aspiring builders have made—so that you can avoid them!



Want to know if building a microschool is right for you? Our two-hour intensive maps out the whole school-building process so that you can move forward with confidence!



Ready to get your microschool up and running? Our eight-week coaching program will help you craft your business, marketing, and action plans, so that you can launch your school quickly and efficiently.


Are you finished planning for your school but need some expert coaching to pull it all together? Or are you launched but feeling all alone? Take your microschool to the next level as part of our business mastermind.

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