Microschool Builders INCUBATOR


You have a vision, but don’t know where to start.  We’re here to help!  In our super-powerful 9-week program (based on the Microschool Builder’s Handbook) we’ll coach you on everything you need to do to launch quickly and efficiently.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 modules of content (with videos and handouts) that include:
    • The Market Research Recipe – defining your market, niche’ and ideal client/student
    • The Microschool Builders Blueprint – operating legally as a non or for-profit in your state/country
    • The Microschool Marketing Map – attracting your clients using targeted organic marketing
    • The Creative Space Planner – choosing a workspace that allows growth and keeps startup costs low
    • The MSB Budget Template – setting tuition/pricing to match your value and cover operational costs
    • Classroom Choreography – creating student-led learning or programming that allows your students/clients to thrive
    • Community Culture Guide – finding and engaging your 10 founding families or clients
    • Your Launch Checklist – mapping the work to be done before launch day
    • Creating a Growth Strategy – setting a minimum 5 year plan, and looking towards your legacy
    • BONUS: Crowdfunding Guide – getting the money you need to launch, while also raising awareness around your school/servkces
  • 9 week access to INCUBATOR and our online community
  • 9 weekly calls to discuss the content with our certified CONTENT Experts (recorded for your review)
  • A final 1-hour complimentary call to discuss tips and tricks to make your school or business launch more effective!



What if you could shortcut launching your bespoke, independent, microschool or educational service while getting the support of successful edupreneurs? In our 9-week INCUBATOR program, we’ll coach you on everything you need to do to launch quickly and efficiently.


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