The Programs

To empower YOU as an independent, bespoke microschool founder!



Our answer to schools who want something other than a traditional acredidation process, or to go without a formal acknowledgement of what makes their school amazing - the kind of thing parents want to see to feel certain your school is the right choice for their child.


Have you ever wanted to visit an exceptional microschool?  Have you visited a school for ideas, but then wished you could connect with the owner as you implemented ideas in your own school?  Our centers of excellence are your dream come true!

Next Steps:

Are you unsure which option is right for you? Would you like to talk with us to explore which program is right for you?

Schedule a 30-minute a clarity call to get our expert advice on your ideas and vision. Just like a visit to the doctor's office, we'll ask you some intake questions and have you complete a self assessment. This helps us to offer you at least 3 actionable things to work on after the call. And if it seems appropriate, we'll help you select the programming that best suits your stage in the microschool building process!