When micro-schools connect globally, everyone wins!


Join other micro-schools in the first ever global school district!

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Make a greater impact by opening your doors to the world…

  • Do you wish you had the support of experts and specialists?
  • Are you in need of help when it comes to legal issues, curriculum, student special needs?
  • Have been frustrated with the high cost of materials and technologies?
  • Do you feel like the whole world should be your classroom?

One of the good things a school district does is to provide its member schools with the resources they need to be effective.  But often that comes at a price - with heavy oversight from the top down. But what if you could have all the benefits of a district, and still run your school the way you know its meant to be…

Join a growing network of micro-schools who are re-defining what a school district can be, by sharing resources, expertise and so much more!

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