Map out your microschool in six easy steps!

Map out your microschool in six easy steps!

Introducing the Microschool Builders
Quick-Start Guide

Our DIY, simplified, step-by-step guide to mapping out the launch the microschool of your dreams, in less than a year, without sacrificing your salary or sanity!  Its a fantastic way to get started with the process, without spending a lot of time or money to find out that school ownership isn't the path for you.  Grab your copy and lay the first few foundational blocks you'll need to get started.  And if you want to go further, we'd be happy to discount the investment you've made towards our 9-week WORKSHOP when you are ready to take the plunge!

Are you a teacher with a vision

... or idea for building your own microschool but don’t know where to start?

Our Microschool Builders Quick-Start Guide will show you the right steps to take, when, allowing you to focus on:

  • Finding your ideal student and identifying market niche
  • Mapping out your marketing strategy and legal stance
  • Securing your location, mapping out student learning, and recruiting foundational families!

Microschool Builders is here to help you with the creation, launch, and supports you need to open a unique and profitable school of your very own in less than a year!  And our Quick-Start Guide is the first step in that process.

Sure, you could do the research yourself, or read a bunch of books (including our Microschool Builders Handbook), but that takes precious time. And do you really know what you need to DO to get your school open quickly?  What if you could use your limited time better—to work on just the things you need to do to get your school open fast?  Our Quick-Start Guide will cut down on the time you spend doing research, allowing you to start working directly on launching your school!

We’ve Helped Many Teachers, Just Like You, To Get Their Plan Mapped Out So That They Can Start Building Their School


Amy Marotz
Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collective

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Tracy Ziomek
Sloyd & Croft


Eric Eisenbrey
Eyes & Brains STEM Center

Who is our Quick-Start Guide good for?

  • Teachers who have a dream of building a school of their own but have no idea where to start
  • Teachers who have spent evenings and weekends reading about opening a school
  • Teachers who have found a prime location for their school but don’t know how to attract students
  • Teachers who have families begging them to open a school but lack the supports to make it happen
  • And teachers who just want to get their building process off to a great start!

But did you know that most aspiring microschool builders never end up launching their school? Why? Well, there are several reasons:

  1. They haven’t determined a real need and the value they’ll provide in the community they’ll serve.
  2. They haven’t identified their ideal student and how to market to that child's family in ways that ensure enrollments.
  3. And they haven’t mapped out a clear plan of action to get everything done in a quick, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

And that’s where Microschool Builders can help. The Microschool Builders Quick-Start Guide is designed to eliminate all of those barriers to getting your microschool off the ground in the next year!

What’s included in your Quick-Start Guide?

You can get all seven elements for one payment of $45—that’s over 80% off of the total value of the Guide!

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