Connect, clarify, and map out the what it takes to open a Microschool!

micro-school builder's workshop

Connect, cLARIFY, and Map Out what it takes to open a microschool!

Join Us For our popular ONLINE INTENSIVE
Microschool Builders Gathering!

A premier half-day, ONLINE INTENSIVE event, we will work with you via ZOOM to map (or improve your exisiting school) out how to launch the microschool of YOUR dreams, while allowing you to be inspired by the ideas of fellow microschool builders just like yourself from all over the world!

Are you aN EDUCAtoR with a vision

...or an idea for building your own microschool?

...or would you like to expand and improve your existing microschool?

Would you like learn more about others who have paved the way for you?  Then our Microschool Builders GATHERING  is a great fit for you!

The Microschool Builders GATHERING is designed to bring together aspiring and existing school builders who want to improve and expand their ideas for their schools, allowing them to:

  • clarify gaps in their operating processes
  • solidify and strengthen plans for launching their schools
  • and experience an opportunity to see what it takes to launch their very own school along side other successful school owners!

Microschool Builders is here to help you with every step of the school building journey, and our Microschool Builders GATHERING is the highlight of our year. We love having the opportunity to meet with curious and aspiring school builders from all over the globe, helping them to identify the steps they need to take to open their very own microschools!

Sure, you could probably figure it out on your own...

And some of our readers have done just that!

...but wouldn’t it be easier (and more fun) to map out your school with other aspiring school owners AND to get proven ideas from our clients who have already launched their schools?

Attending the Microschool Builders GATHERING will ensure that you map out the nine steps you’ll need to take to get your microschool open, or to expand, improve and anchor it, in the next year!

what are you waiting for? Do you need proof?

Meet Some of our past participants:


Amy Marotz
Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collective

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 10.43.07 AM

Tracy Ziomek
Sloyd & Croft


Eric Eisenbrey
Eyes & Brains STEM Center

Who is the Microschool Builders Gathering good for?

  • Teachers who have lots of ideas about opening a school but aren’t sure how to put them into action
  • Teachers who have found a prime location for their school but don’t know how to attract students
  • Teachers who have families begging them to open a school but lack the supports to make it happen
  • And teachers who just want to get their building process off to a great start by getting expert guidance on what to do and when to do it!

What’s included in the Microschool Builders Gathering?

We offer you a one-day ONLINE session to help you learn more about:

As an added bonus, after your event we’ll invite you to follow up with us one-on-one in a 30-minute Zoom call to make sure that all of your questions were answered!

We know that money may be tight for you, so we've discounted the cost of our flagship event by 75%!

Microschool Builders Gathering
June 17, 2021

December GATHERING (Online)
When:  June 17, 2021 (9:00AM-12:00PM EDT)

Where:  Online (Zoom)