Connect, collaborate, and plan the launch (or scale up) of your microschool!

micro-school builder's workshop

Connect, collaborate, and plan the launch (or scale up) of your microschool!

Join Us For The Second Annual Microschool Builders Gathering!

Our premier two-day, in-person event that helps you map out the microschool of your dreams, while being inspired by the ideas of fellow microschool builders!

Are you a teacher with a vision

...or idea for building your own microschool, or a microschool owner who wants to expand your school? Would you like to connect and collaborate with other microschool owners and builders?  Then our annual Microschool Builders Gathering is a great fit for you!

The Microschool Builders Gathering is designed to bring together aspiring school builders AND current owners who want to improve and expand their schools, allowing them to focus on:

  • Identifying gaps in their individual microschool building (or operating) processes
  • Solidifying and strengthening plans for launching or expanding their schools
  • Collaborating with like-minded individuals!

Microschool Builders is here to help you with every step of the school-building journey, and our Microschool Builders Gathering is the highlight of our year. We love this opportunity to meet with school builders from all over the country, helping them to identify the steps they need to take to either launch or expand their microschools.

Sure, you could probably figure out...

how to build a microschool all by yourself. (Some of last year’s attendees did just that.) But wouldn’t it be easier (and more fun) to map out your school with other aspiring school owners AND to get ideas from folks who have already launched their schools?

The Microschool Builders Gathering will ensure that you set aside the time to map out the 9-steps you’ll need to take to get your microschool open in the next year….

Last Year We Hosted Eight Incredible Educators, And We Learned The Power Of A Small, Intentional Gathering. So This Year We’ve Decided To Limit Registrations To 12 New Participants. Will You Secure One Of Those 12 Seats Before They Are All Gone?


Jacque Cook
Coelere Academy


Percy Lamar
TRIBE Microschool

Stephanie Serian Johnson

Stephanie Serian-Johnson
Lighthouse Microschool

Who is the Microschool Builders Gathering good for?

  • Teachers who have lots of ideas for opening a school but aren’t sure how to put them into action
  • Teachers who have found a prime location for their school but don’t know how to attract students
  • Teachers who have families begging them to open a school but lack the supports to make it happen
  • and Teachers who just want to get their building process off to a great start by getting expert guidance on what to do and when to do it!

What’s included in the Microschool Builders Gathering?

We offer you two in-person days to learn more about (or revisit and clarify) your thinking around:

After the two-day event we’ll follow up with you on a 30-minute follow up call to make sure all your questions were answered.

We know that money may be tight for you while you are in start-up mode, and we know how critically important it is to get the right guidance from the beginning to ensure you start off strong.  So we’ve kept the cost low - just 1 payment of $500 - that’s 50% off of the total value of our flagship event!

To learn more about the Microschool Builder’s Gathering (dates, times, location, travel, etc.) click here: