The Microschool Builder’s Roundup

I’m always reading about what’s going on in education – and I usually share the best articles on my Facebook pages (please follow me for that instant content if it appeals to you). And I was thinking…it might be useful to curate the best articles each week for those of you thinking about building microschools!

Here’s the result:  The Microschool Builders’ Roundup – a weekly Friday newsletter with the 3-5 best things I’ve read each week about education – including ideas about how to use the content to build interest in your microschool.
I hope you enjoy!
Student Led Learning

Many of you will be thinking of student-led learning for your microschool. This article by Jacqueline Wilson:What is unschooling? The child-led education model growing in popularity will offer you some ideas about how to describe your efforts, using the language of unschooling.

TIP: Take language from the article to describe the learning environment and process in your microschool.

School Districts using the term “microschool”

The term microschool is being used to describe lots of things – and even school districts are getting in to the action. Its important to know how your microschool is different from what schools are setting up as you begin to talk with parents. This article by Alex Chhith from the Las Vegas Review-Journal will give you an idea about what some districts are doing: North Las Vegas debuts ‘microschool,’ home-school options. And here’s another one from Oregon: The micro school solution.

TIP: Be on the lookout for school districts in your area who are offering microschool options.

Pandemic Pods

Parent’s everywhere are looking to create safe spaces for their students to learn remotely. These “Pandemic Pods” are the current rage – and:The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Pod During a Pandemic
by Kristi McClamroch, PhD, MPH  does a great job of mapping out how to set up a pod.  If you’ve not use the word “pandemic pod” to describe a service your microschool can provide, its time to consider it!

TIP: Consider offering a few “pandemic pod” slots at your microschool at a reduced rate to help parents not ready to take the jump to full-time microschool enrollment!

PS:  After you’ve read the articles, please shoot me an email at: and tell me which articles you found most useful – to help me better curate content on your behalf in the future!

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