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Community, accountability and resources, for bespoke, independent microschools around the globe!

Are you ready for...


Microschool Successfully Launched


Generating Stable Income


Community, Accountability, Coaching

Does this sound like you?

You’ve worked your tail off, preparing, marketing and launching your bespoke, independent microschool. You’ve gone out and found a few students to join your program, but you’re not at capacity yet. You dream of having a waiting list, full of the kind of kids every educator would love to work with! You’re happy with what you've created, but you dream of much, much more!

Are you tired of figuring everything out on your own? Calling local insurance agents to get coverage, just to learn that they don’t understand what you are doing and won’t insure you? Searching the internet for website, marketing, and enrollment materials? Struggling to set up accounting processes that will let you hand off the financial aspects of your day to day operations to a bookkeeper or accountant?

Do you wish you could just wave a magic wand and have your microschool fairy godmother appear? Do you secretly long to talk to other school owners who have forged the path ahead of you for advice? Do you dream of being part of a community where others share their resources and wisdom any time you need their help?

Imagine if you could:


Get advice from successful school owners any time you want.

You’d waste less time trying to get busy independent school owners to share their advice!

Screenshot 2023-07-24 200551

Meet with colleagues for support, training, and community virtually and in person.

You’d feel seen, supported, and empowered to share your brilliance in the world!


Get all of the content, curriculum, resources, and technology you want and need, at lower prices than you can negotiate alone.

You’d save time and money, as well as get access to resources you’ve never heard of before!


The Microschool DISTRICT


A new program offering by Microschool Builders, to EMPOWER the success of independent, bespoke microschools that are changing the future of education, one small school at a time! A program for microschool owners just like you!

Our Microschool District project is nothing like the school district you either live in or used to work for.  Instead of leadership telling you what you can do, how, and when - we are a bottom-up, grassroots program that is built and led by school owners for other school owners.

We listen deeply and provide you with the resources you need to grow and thrive, in a community of committed and collaborative school owners. And to top it off, we are funded by membership fees - which means, you pay for our community and support for as long as you need it.

While the concept of microschools is gaining traction among parents and educators globally, it's important to note that not all of them will succeed. Many microschools may never get off the ground due to lack of funding, resources, or interest from families. Some may open and close within five years due to financial challenges, inability to attract and retain students, or difficulty sustaining operations. However, some microschools that are well-planned, well-funded, and have a strong educational vision and leadership, may stand the test of time and become successful, sustainable educational institutions. Ultimately, the success of microschools will depend on various factors, including the commitment of educators and families, the quality of the curriculum and teaching, and the ability to adapt to changing educational trends and challenges. And with the support of school owners like you, the chances of success are increased.


According to a study by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and roughly 50% fail within their first five years. The SBA also reported that about 30% of businesses survive to their tenth year. It's worth noting that some sources suggest that the failure rates may be higher, particularly for businesses that are not properly capitalized, lack a sound business plan, or fail to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Some microschool industry watchers estimate that there are now between 5-10,000 microschools launched around the globe, with a potential to increase to 10X in the next 10 years. That’s 100,00+ microschools, all serving kids in unique and powerful ways.

Will your microschool be one of those that not only launches, but also stands the test of time? Will you be part of that 30% of success stories? With your membership in the Microschool DISTRICT, alongside other successful school owners, we will work in community to ensure your success, for the next five years and beyond!

Choose your district membership level:


  • Our most affordable option. Get the community you need and want, resources to guide you, and a call once a month to stay connected with other bespoke microschools!
  • Membership in moderated CIRCLE Group
  • Subscription to MSD Newsletter
  • A Monthly Group Coaching Call (recorded)
  • The "9 Step Guide to Building a Microschool" and “Microschool Builders Handbook”
  • Our “Celebrated Curriculum” List
  • Vetted Vendor List
  • An Invitation to MSD Virtual SUMMITs (virtual AND in-person)
  • A Basic listing for you and your school in CIRCLE


  • Direct access to a community of school owners who are there to help you thrive. You get two calls a month - one where your questions are answered directly, and access to the WORKSHOP modules to help you tighten up your operations. You also get discounts on the tools and resources you need, plus the ability to buy additional resources you need from our growing LIBRARY of content!
  • All the CONNECTION level features, PLUS:
  • Dedicated CIRCLE Community (for direct Q&A and community)
  • Additional second Monthly Group Coaching Call (ask your questions & interact)
  • 1:1 Coaching Available for purchase (@ $150/hr) with an expert coach
  • Microschool-specific Business Templates & Forms
  • Purchase additional content MODULES and RESOURCES as needed
  • Consortium Pricing & Discount Codes for Celebrated Curriculum & Vetted Vendors
  • Your microschool listed on the Microschool Builders' Website


  • For the school owner who knows that community and accountability are key to success - you get all the one on one support you need to thrive. Ask your questions to our team and get an answer back in 48 hours, visit one of our miroschools for inspiration, and become part of our intimate global community of bespoke schools (more 24 microschools), featured in our social media channels, presentations, and awareness campaigns!
  • All the CONNECTION and COMMUNITY level features, PLUS:
  • Your own private CIRCLE coaching channel (for direct, discrete Q&A with our expert team)
  • Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls and breakout sessions (recorded)
  • 1 hour 1:1 Coaching call included each month (with your “focus coach”)
  • Additional 1:1 Coaching calls available at a discounted rate ($100/hr)
  • An opportunity to be a panelist at MSD Virtual SUMMIT, or in PRESENTATIONS
  • Field Experience/Immersion visits to MSD Celebrated Schools (as available)
  • Invitation to Annual MSD Summits (online AND in-person) with discounts
  • Opportunity to be a 'Spotlight School' in the MSD Newsletter
  • Access to full REPOSITORY of content and resources
  • And A PREMIUM DIRECTORY listing for your microschool (includes a video feature) on our website

Why are there 3 levels of membership?

We know that not all microschools are in the financial space to spend money on community and support.

We want everyone to be able to participate, so we’ve created affordable options that will fit everyone’s budget!

Who is the Microschool District for?

The Microschool District is for owners who have designed a one of a kind microschool, taking inspiration from a wide variety of models, and focusing first on the needs of the students they serve when choosing curriculum or activities. The District is for edupreneurs who:

  • Are the sole owner (or co-owner) of a bespoke, independent microschool.

  • Know that community and accountability are important to achieving financial sustainability.

  • Are focused on the body, mind and spirit of the child - eg. the growth of the whole child (vs. a model, curriculum, standards, or assessment)

  • Have built a microschool that provides niche' alternatives to what is available in their community, but also adapts to the wants and needs of the students they serve.

What Members Are Saying

The tools I needed!

Microschool Builders has given me the tools I need to grow my business while staying focused on my students!

Name: Amy Marotz, Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collective, Stillwater, MN

Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, Certified CONTENT COACH, and member of the COLLECTIVE

A community of professionals!

Microschool Builders provides me a community of professionals. The journey is so much more fun!

Name: Tracy Ziomek, Sloyd & Croft, Rio Medina, TX

Designation: Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, Certified CONTENT COACH, and member of the COLLECTIVE

A journey of learning!

When I joined Microschool Builders, many things changed for me. I met people with similar goals and mindsets towards education; it has truly been a journey of learning for me.

Name: Candace Neil, K2 Academy, Carbondale, IL

Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, Certified CONTENT COACH, and member of the COLLECTIVE

A path to follow…

Joining Microschool Builders gave me a path to follow and a direction to start in so I could open my dream school.

Name: Eric Eisenbry, Eyes and Brains Stem, Elkins WV

Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, Certified CONTENT COACH, and member of the COLLECTIVE

A transformational experience!

Being a part of Microschool Builders has fostered a strong sense of community and loving kindness that prepared me to embark on the journey of building my own school. The experience has been transformational.

Name: Tamika Francois, Circadian Rise, Brooklyn, NY

Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, and member of the COLLECTIVE

Community to be inspired by!

Microschool Builders has given me a community of microschools to be inspired by and share resource ideas with. This is essential to my success!

Name: Roekmini Pullom, Wild Hearts Adventure Co., California

Designation: Designation: Past WORKSHOP participant, and member of the COLLECTIVE

Community and support!

Microschool builders has given us the community and support that we needed when we were trying to build alone.

Name: Hilda, Karina & Jessi Rodriguez, Roots Microschool, Monterrey, Mexico

Designation: Past WORKSHOP participants, and members of the COLLECTIVE


Hi, I’m Dr. Mara Linaberger.

I totally understand how hard it can be to open and grow a microschool when you are going the bespoke, independent route - building YOUR microschool YOUR way.

For the past 6 years I’ve been helping aspiring school owners just like you to map out the launch of their microschool in our flagship program, the Microschool Builders WORKSHOP.. And I’ve continued to support them through programs like the MSB StartUP and COLLECTIVE. As each of the school owners I’ve served has grown, I’ve pushed myself to learn things that would support their growth and sustainability. And as our global community has grown (we are up to 9 member schools now!), so have the needs.

That’s why we have developed the MICROSCHOOL DISTRICT - levels of membership to support the changing needs of bespoke, independent microschools around the globe!