What is a celebrated school?

Our answer to schools who want something other than a traditional acredidation process, or to go without a formal acknowledgement of what makes their school amazing - the kind of thing parents want to see to feel certain your school is the right choice for their child.

Our celebrated schools

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Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collaborative

Stillwater, MN

Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collaborative helps families with highly sensitive, gifted children kindle a love of learning in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Sloyd & Croft: An American Slöjd School

Rio Medina, TX

Sloyd & Croft is a Microschool that employs hand and eye active learning to ignite the next generation of Knowledge Creators because every child’s educational adventure should be a journey of discovery.


  • SILVER Level +
  • Excellence in Microschooling: Achieves the highest standards of excellence, providing an exceptional and student-centered learning experience. Demonstrates a proven track record of success, showcasing transformative outcomes.
  • Teacher/Professional Development: Prioritizes ongoing training, skill enhancement, and support for educators, ensuring they are well-equipped to create the best learning environment.
  • Innovative Programming: Offers a cutting-edge, adaptable curriculum fostering a love for learning and personal growth, catering to each student's unique strengths and interests.
  • Community of Learners: Nurtures a vibrant community of educators, parents, and students actively engaged in the learning process, contributing to the strength of the microschooling community.


Roots Microschool

Santiago, NL, México

Roots Microschool helps families who want to go beyond academics to raise a whole child. Focusing on emotional health and building life skills through a personalized bilingual education.



La Petite Ecole qui regarde la montagne

266 route de la Couvelée

At La Petite Ecole qui regarde la montagne, childhood, intuition, and nature are our guides, offering each child a nurturing environment where they can thrive and develop the skills and knowledge they need for their own personal quest for fulfillment.


  • BRONZE Level +
  • Marketing Mastery: Develops a comprehensive and well-defined marketing plan, effectively promoting the microschool and attracting students and families.
  • Proven Sustainability: Operates successfully for 2+ years, demonstrating the ability to maintain and grow educational offerings over a sustained period.
  • Community Engagement: Garners strong community support, with an established and growing community of educators, parents, and students sharing a vision.
  • Stimulating Atmosphere: Provides a stimulating atmosphere that supports most students, creating an engaging and enriching student-directed learning environment tailored to individual interests and needs.  Commitment to personalized education.

Bronze level schools

Eyes and Brains STEM Center

Eklins, WV

Eyes and Brains STEM Center offers a student-focused learning environment along with STEM experiences for students who would not otherwise have access to these tools and learning opportunities.


Wild Hearts Adventure Co.

Visalia, CA

Wild Hearts believes in empowering learners, encouraging curiosity, personalizing education, and developing character. Creativity, the freedom to explore individual passions, autonomy, and the value of developing intrinsic motivation are core values of our community culture.


  • Workshop Graduates
    These microschools have successfully completed the Microschool Builders WORKSHOP, demonstrating a solid understanding of microschooling principles and best practices.


  • Business and Financial Plans
    They have submitted comprehensive business and financial plans, outlining strategies for sustainability, growth, and financial stability.


  • Foundational Understanding
    They can demonstrate they have established a foundational understanding of microschooling processes, including curriculum design and community building, ready to progress in the microschooling journey.
  • Welcoming Atmosphere: This microschool provides a welcoming atmosphere that supports most students, fostering an inclusive and positive learning environment.
  • Operational Evolution
    And their evolving operations indicate potential fiscal viability, creating a foundation for a lasting legacy in the community.