Centers of Excellence

Have you ever wanted to visit an exceptional microschool?  Have you visited a school for ideas, but then wished you could connect with the owner as you implemented ideas in your own school?  Our centers of excellence are your dream come true!

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Our centers:

Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collaborative

Stillwater, MN

Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collaborative helps families with highly sensitive, gifted children kindle a love of learning in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Sloyd & Croft: An American Slöjd School

Rio Medina, TX

Sloyd & Croft is a Microschool that employs hand and eye active learning to ignite the next generation of Knowledge Creators because every child’s educational adventure should be a journey of discovery.

Center of excellence

Our Centers of Excellence have met all the standards for a GOLD Level Celebrated School as well as the following criteria:

  • Pinnacle of Microschooling:  A shining example of microschooling excellence, setting the standard for innovative, student-centered, and effective educational practices.
  • Training Ground for Visionaries: Actively serves as a laboratory training school for aspiring microschool builders, providing hands-on experience, mentorship, and guidance for creating microschools.
  • Leadership in Innovation: Recognized as a leader in microschooling, actively engaging in research and innovation to contribute to the continuous development and improvement of educational practices.
  • Exceptional Learning Environment: Provides an exceptional learning environment fostering growth, creativity, and curiosity, with a community of educators, parents, and students deeply committed to pioneering microschooling principles.