Sloyd & Croft:
An American Slöjd School

18140 CR 371
Rio Medina. TX 78066

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Sloyd & Croft is a Microschool that employs hand and eye active learning to ignite the next generation of Knowledge Creators because every child’s educational adventure should be a journey of discovery.

Tracy Ziomek, RN BSN

At Sloyd & Croft:

  • We joyously celebrate and develop the uniqueness of each child and their individual giftings.
  • We provide children a carefully cultivated atmosphere and experiences that are healing, empowering and strengthening providing a
  • We are here to support and champion parents who take seriously their responsibility to protect, equip and educate the child gifted to them.
  • We are flexible, creative and nimble in response to the needs of each and everyone of our families.

If your family's current education situation causes your child to be fearful, tired, isolated, stressed, lonely, restricted or silenced; schedule an appointment today.

Bring back the joy of discovery learning to your child and provoke their curiosity, inspire their creativity and celebrate joyfully with them & the Sloyd & Croft family.