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micro-school builder's workshop


We all know what it's like to work on an idea in isolation. On our own, lots of things will compete for our time and attention. And we often begin to second guess our vision and ideas. And most importantly, we wind up wasting precious time and energy...

Perhaps this has been happening to you around your school-building activities. But what if you could have experts there to help you, showing the way, while holding you accountable for transforming your dreams into actions?

The Microschool Builders Workshop will provide you with just what you need to turn your ideas into actionable steps—in just eight short weeks (or in less time if you choose to fast-track your efforts)!

Are you struggling to organize your ideas?

And anxious about launching your school?

Are you unsure about how to organize all of the ideas rolling around in your head?

Do you feel like your actions are scattered, or worse yet, ineffective?

Our Microschool Builders Workshop is designed to help hold you accountable to mapping out your microschool plan for launch, including:

  • determining your ideal client
  • conducting market research
  • identifying a legal stance
  • mapping out your marketing
  • securing your location
  • determining your start-up budget and tuition
  • laying out learning strategies
  • locating foundational families
  • launching as a lean start-up

Microschool Builders is here to help you with every step of the school building journey, and our Microschool Builders Workshop is a great way to ensure you get your school open within the next year!

Sure, you could probably figure out on your own...

...building your microschool all by yourself.  But wouldn’t it be easier (and far more fun) to map out your school with other school builders, while also getting help and accountability from people who know how to get it done more effectively and efficiently?

Join the Microschool Builders Workshop and set aside the time to map out the nine steps you’ll need to take to get your microschool open in the next year.



Jacque Cook
Coelere Academy


Percy Lamar
TRIBE Microschool

Stephanie Serian Johnson

Stephanie Serian-Johnson
Lighthouse Microschool

Who is the Microschool Builders Workshop good for?

  • Teachers who have lots of ideas for opening a school but aren’t sure how to put them into action
  • Teachers who have found a prime location for their school but don’t know how to attract students
  • Teachers who have families begging them to open a school but lack the supports to make it happen
  • And teachers who just want to get their building process off to a great start by getting expert guidance on what to do and to hold them accountable to GETTING IT DONE.

What’s included in the Microschool
Builders WORKSHOP?

We'll provide you with 10+ weeks worth of video content, documents, access to our private FB group, LIVE sessions (& recordings), and direct support from actual school owners to help you with:

Mapping out your purpose, vision, niche market, ideal student, and ideal family $499
Identifying your model, business stance, legal stance $499
Setting up your unique currency, elevator pitch, vision, mission, branding, social media $499
Seeking potential locations, furniture, supplies, materials, and insurance $499
Determining cost vs. benefit, your value propositions, tuition, budgets, and startup funds $499
Articulating student learning, incorporating self-directed learning, and student tracking $499
Finding your founding families, engaging the community, making a media plan $499
Launching as a proof-of-concept, mapping out Year 1 in three-month cycles $499
Projecting when to add students, staff, resources, new locations, and more! $499
Wrapping it all up with digital business plan and projected budget(s) $509
Total Value $5,000
Your Investment Today is... $3,500

After the end of your eight weeks you'll have produced your first business plan and budget.  We'll meet with you to review both and make recommendations.  We'll also talk with you about whether you are a good fit for our year-long mastermind group—the Microschool Builders Collective!

We know that money may be tight for you while you are in start-up mode, and we know how critically important it is to get the right guidance from the beginning to ensure you start off strong.  So we’ve packaged all 10-weeks into one payment of $3,000—that’s 40% off of the total value of the Microschool Builder’s Workshop!

To join the Microschool Builders Workshop, click the button below or email to set up your payment plan today!