Where Should I Locate My Micro-School?

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Its Mara Linaberger, creator of the Micro-school Builder’s 9-step guide to building the school of your dreams in less than a year without sacrificing your salary or sanity.

This is the next video in our series that tackles your questions about building micro-schools. Today’s comes from the fourth step on the 9-step guide that most micro-school builders and all of my clients follow. Today’s question is: 

Where should I locate my micro-school?

Thinking about where to locate your micro-school is a big decision. You’ll need to find a community where your ideas are welcome, and where students will be eager to learn with you. There are three things to keep in mind when considering where to operate your micro-school.

  1. Where would you like to open your school? DO you want to build a micro-school where you live? In an adjacent community, in a new location, or even perhaps, in another country or even online?
  2. What schools are already there? In today’s world, most businesses operate from a competitive stance. As a micro-school owner, you’ll be marketing to students and their families – potentially taking their tuition dollars away from other schools in the area. Taking a look at your potential competitors early on will help you to figure out a unique way to serve students that is not already happening in the community – thus lessening the competitive feel with other institutions.
  3. And finally – and perhaps most importantly, in order to open a micro-school that truly makes a difference you’ll want to ask yourself what sort of school does the community want or need? If you know what’s missing, you can market that to parents – but an even more powerful recruiting tool is to talk with parents about the kind of dream school they’d like to see available to their children.

Now that you’ve got a better idea about how to narrow down the location of your micro-school, perhaps you’d like to know the next steps in the process. I invite you to follow the link I’ve shared below this video to get your free copy of the 9-step guide, a digital copy of my second book, the Micro-school Builder’s Handbook, and to access the training videos I’ve created to go along with them both.

I hope that today’s recording has helped clarify your questions about where to operate your micro-school. I hope that you’ll choose become part of the movement to remake education through the creation of micro-schools around the globe.  Until next time, have a great day!

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